…about Indy Race Place

…about Indy Race Place

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Latest News – the latest happenings, sometimes with a pinch of sass.

Race Reports – sometimes from home, and always if I’m at a race, I’ll share photos and report what I see and think.

Rants and Raves – I may kick the sass up a notch when there’s something on my minds.

Media Musings – with social media increasingly becoming a place of breaking news and traditional outlets cutting back coverage, it is a very interesting time in journalism. From time to time, I may post observations about the media coverage and media representatives surrounding the IndyCar series.

Returning in 2016:

Race Info Pages – Revamped page about each event, with quick links to info about tickets, hotels, eateries, media coverage and more. Whether you’re at the track or at home planning travel, you’re sure to find it handy.


About IRP: Indy Race Place is me, Bash Beard. Although this site has been online for a while, my main outlet in recent years was MoreFrontWing.com.  I used this site mainly to have some fun and tried all sorts of things, from adding music videos as commentary to a snarky grid walk to live-blogging. With MFW enjoying a well-deserved retirement, I’m revising this site over the 2015 season with an eye toward having it fully re-purposed for 2016. It’ll feature reporting from races I attend live, and info in a “recap” format for the races I do not – a quick glance way to get up to date on the latest race.

Ongoing affiliation

RIS-news.com: Occasional reports, but mainly photography for the Indianapolis 500

Prior affiliations

Morefrontwing.com: Contributing writer

Tracksideonline.com: Stand-in photographer at Sonoma, 2012


Undergraduate degree in broadcast journalism (TCOM), Ball State University

Masters of Science in Information and Communication Sciences, Ball State University

Day job: Senior Content Strategist, Walmart eCommerce


IndyCar, Formula 1 and sports car racing, photography (Bashtography), San Francisco Giants baseball, cats, music, politics and civil rights, health and medical topics, documentaries, non-fiction, media old and new (especially international news broadcasts), severe weather, public safety and disaster preparedness and response.

How I got into IndyCar

I grew up in Muncie, Indiana, just an hour away from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and have been enthralled by the Indianapolis 500 since I can remember. When I graduated from college, I got into the whole IndyCar series more deeply (finally had time!) and, well, here we are!

What’s up with “Bash?”

I have been an avid Internet user since the early 90s, and I wanted a playful “handle” I could use online instead of using my given name (Lisa – there are a millionbilliontrillion Lisas in the world.) So I chose “Bashful” to use as a screen name/in email addresses. It was since shortened to Bash by people I interacted with on message boards and email aliases, and I have used Bash as my first name in workplaces since 2000. (That year, I was the 13th person to join a startup, and there was already a Lisa B., so I went with Bash.)