Barber in brief: WOW

Barber in brief: WOW

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Yeah yeah, Barber’s beautiful but meant for bikes so a no-passing zone for IndyCars. And yeah yeah, @h3lio won the pole and @12willpower the race. Beautiful, boring Barber.

<Insert sound of needle being ripped off an old vinyl record>

Today, Barber was beautifully bodacious. Power won from 9th place (!!!), there were passes all over the track, and folks like @SimonPagenaud, @MarcoAndretti and Sebastien Bourdais (GET ON TWITTER, DOOD!) put on “driving with a major pair” clinics. A few things were same old same old (Coyne at the rear, @scottdixon9 finishing second, @penskeracing winning the race) but the way it all unfolded was thrilling. And unlike last weekend, where passes happened but only those in the turns knew it, @NBCSN got the passes on the air, going back to show action all over the track and things we missed during commercial breaks. Their broadcast, all-around, was outstanding and showed us all what the DW12 car can do.

For the most part, the drivers got the most out of their DW12s. We agree with @echan50’s tweet that Bourdais could drive a dump truck into the top 10 (he was 9th today), but his wasn’t the only Lotus with a good showing. @OriolServia rrrolled off 26th (last spot on the grrrid) and drrrove half-way up the field to 1rrr3th. One Lotus went out (@tagliani), versus two Hondas (@CharlieKimball and @takumasatoracer) and no Chevys. Others who impressed: Pagenaud (10th to 5th), @mikeconwayindy (7th place road course finish for Foyt’s team), @rubarrichello (14th to 8th), and @dariofranchitti (18th!!! to 10th.) Starts and restarts were terrific, drivers used their defensive moves to great effect without too many complaints, and there were several remarks that they all raced like professionals. We like to think that @BeauxBarfield and his philosophies in race control have contributed to the standard rising.

Singing the blues: @TonyKanaan with another mechanical issue that relegated him near the back, @tagliani, whose car croaked on lap 1, @josefnewgarden, who just didn’t have a great weekend and @Justin_Wilson, who toiled near the back with a sideways-loose car.

Besides the great racing, it was a gorgeous day at Barber, with reports of the concessions running out of food by noon and large crowds that had the potential to set the venue’s attendance record. This kind of day is what IndyCar needs to kick its momentum into high gear – we are concerned that all this awesomeness happened with a small audience tuned in. Here’s hoping the NBC label has made the channel more “findable” for folks and that they got bored with NASCAR at the Paperclip and switched over to see the fantastic action.

We’re totally re-energized for this season and cannot WAIT for Long Beach, where we hope this momentum continues.