Brazilian pre-quali odds and ends

Brazilian pre-quali odds and ends

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A few quick things right before qualis:

First practice saw @RyanBriscoe6 top the speed chart. We know this because it said so on We were still asleep at 4:30 a.m. PT. :p

As we caught up with overnight tweets, we saw that @DRRIndyCar decided to send a message to Helio:

We LOVE this. Now, to be honest, we don’t dig a lot of strife among teams and drivers. We unfollowed @tomasscheckter because we found his jabs at @GrahamRahal tedious and petty. We think some of @paultracy3’s tweets wander into that space as well. We aren’t into cat fights in general, but we love rivalries when they are conducted with class and humor. We think that’s what @DRRIndyCar did above. And there’s no arguing that 3 races with 10 cars taken out means there is definitely cause to deliver this message to Helio. Here’s hoping it gets through!

Practice two we followed mainly on Brazilian TV – yay! Video! We have missed you so much! And oh, my, look at P2 in the final time chart – Go, Girl!

Qualis start in 15 minutes – you can try these links to watch:

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