Brazilian qualis

Brazilian qualis

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Stream-of-consciousness method: Engaged
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Brain: MIA this weekend

Good fun in the first group – lots of different folks mixed in to the top six, with a chance to pass through to round two. Group two had the same kind of jumping around at first, but the top six settled out pretty soon and just leapfrogged each other within the tops spots.

We love this stuff on BAND RS – we’re using the pop out player and placing it over Timing and Scoring to make our own race control. One with very smooth video. 🙂


Here’s the top 12 drivers for round two:

(We’re a little bummed that only 3 of our picks are in Round 2.)

And the fun sorta drained out as most of @pressdog’s “DeathStar” teams claimed the Fast Six position:

Tummy: grrrrrowllll

Us: Oh yeah, noon is lunch time. Heating up tonkatsu from last night’s Sushi Rock delivery while we wait for the Fast Six. Bash is bummed about her beloved @pandoval48 going on the DL for 4-6 weeks with a broken bone in his hand, so there will need to be dessert as well. (That’s how she rolls.)

We also think you should read this:

Fast Six results:

Penske’s 200th pole, and it was won for him by his current Golden Boy, Will Power. That means we gotta trot out the theme song again, but we aren’t complaining.  Dance!