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Union Square in San Francisco has never looked better: A (finally) warm, (finally) sunny day and huge crowds hung in the square today, locals and tourists swarming the sidewalks and the terraced side of the square, which faces a massive Macy’s flagship store. Floating above that scene was this awesome huge sight:

As we snapped these shots, a few people walked behind us and said “Whoa, cool IndyCar banner!” “I want that for my place!”  Okay, that’s enough right there to make our day, but nooooo, IZOD wasn’t done with us. We continued south on Stockton Street towards O’Farrell, along the east side of the flagship store, and encountered this:

Wow. THAT is cool!

The sidewalks were jammed today, tourists and locals with massive shopping bags – what recession? Normally we hate that – gotta get where we’re going – but in this case it meant lots of potential eyeballs on these windows. And lots of folks stopped and looked – took a while to get a clear shot.

We turned left on O’Farrell, crossed Stockton and continued east, along the south side of Macy’s Men’s Store. Lo and behold, the windows were looking spectacular:

Yup, at this point we were grinning stupidly and totally in love with the Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma logos in the corners of these windows. (Ya’ll come out now, ya hear? Next weekend, Infineon Raceway at Sears Point.)

We just had to go inside to see what kind of wonder we might find. And there in the main entrance was a three-part display. Retail stores aren’t too crazy about having photos taken in their stores, so we holstered the D80 and snuck a cell phone snap of the centerpiece of the display:

To the left was another large display graphic and a couple of H-racks of IZOD IndyCar polos. To the right was a large Indianapolis Motor Speedway graphic with a female mannequin wearing a Wing and Wheel logo tank top, along with an H-rack of said tanks. The whole display spanned a large space – you couldn’t miss it.

We left the men’s store from the side entrance, and…yup…there was more. Two large display windows emblazoned with IZOD IndyCar logos and gear.

We didn’t go inside the flagship store – it was clearly jammed full of shoppers and we were about to be late for an appointment. We wouldn’t be surprised if there was even more on display in that building, though. If we get a chance, we’ll try to return and sneak some cell snaps. But from what we saw, there is just NO CHANCE that anyone traveling around Union Square, Geary, Stockton and O’Farrell missed all this awesome IZODiness.  That’s a very good thing.