Montoya wins at Pokey Nose

Montoya wins at Pokey Nose

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After losing part of his front wing when he poked his nose past team mate Will Power to take the lead, Juan Montoya won his first race since returning to the Verizon IndyCar series this season. And it was not a surprise to anyone – Montoya started a little slow but has adapted well and contended for the win a few times as the season has progressed.

Other than the restart near the end where Montoya made his move and some other great passing took place, this Pocono 500 was a bit dull. However, the championship implications were huge – Will Power came in leading team mate Helio Castroneves by 39 points, and they left tied. Power racked up another penalty by blocking Castroneves and drawing a drive through, pretty much handing his team mate a raft of points. We’ll definitely remember this if the championship comes down to these two drivers.

As for the dull race – I’m certainly spoiled by the amazing street course racing the series produces. We’ve seen plenty of battles with drivers banging cars two wide through corners and chicanes and continuing their battles on the other side, thanks to the strength of the DW12 chassis. Tight battles and plenty of overtaking make for thrilling viewing, so a strung out affair on a big oval seemed a little uninteresting in comparison. Don’t get me wrong, I love ovals – it’s just that not all races are nail biters. This is also true of twisty races sometimes. We’re just lucky to have more races turn out exciting than not these days. It’s pretty special.

Now…if it weren’t such a big secret. Tune in and tell your friends, folks!