Oh, kerfuffle

Oh, kerfuffle

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We woke this morning to a Twitter feed full of kerfuffle. It seems to have started with @99forever on the @MoreFrontWing podcast (it’s next in our weekly listening queue – you should make it a habit!), and spilled into the Twitterverse with people asking for the origin and meaning and playing with all sorts of funny synonyms. (Bobbery? Corroboree?)

Generally, kerfuffle is tumult, much ado, or possibly shitstorm.  And it was the perfect word for the day in the online IndyCar space. Tweets and posts about the non-existent double-file start/restarts and penalties right and wrong flooded timelines and generated a lot of reaction. And in case you were otherwise occupied, we’re here to share a bit of it with you.

First, you gotta start with @MarshallPruett and his SPEED piece that includes some explanation from  one of the race stewards, @AlUnserJr:


Then, @SBPopOffValve posted a reaction to Marshall’s story:


And @MoreFrontWing weighed in with this:


And @IndyCar posted an official view of the penalties/lack thereof here:


Which prompted driver/Helio victim @JustinWilson22 to reply to IndyCar:

“RT @IndyCarPR: RT @IndyCarhttp://bit.ly/grhZ2S” I read this and for been laid back, I about hit the roof! Im as annoyed now as then!

To which driver @RyanHunterReay replied:

@JustinWilson22 you mean that officiating story on IndyCar.com didn’t clear it all up for you?!

To which @JustinWilson22 retorted:

@RyanHunterReay lol oh yes very clear now but somebody should take there shovel away. They need to stop digging

And to @JustinWilson22’s original tweet, driver @ScottDixon9 added:

@JustinWilson22 what a joke!

And then the @MoreFrontWing editors debated the correct level of rules/penalties in general in their column for IndyCar Nation members. Gotta log in to read it – just look for Counterpoint once you’ve signed in at indycar.com.

And folks, that’s just a scraping of the content generated by the penalty situation. There was a lot of reaction to the lack of double-file restarts – the drivers generally blended into one line going into turn 1, rules be damned. Of course, that didn’t stop the carnage – these boys are smashing up Dallaras like this is the last season they’ll drive ’em. (Well, OK, so it is, but still…)

We love the anticipation of two columns of cars winding through the turns until they get through the first one or two, and agree with others who’ve said they should be capable, if they are really the best, fastest, most versatile drivers on earth. There are going to be wrecks, so let’s just put on a show. Until they do, we’ll be playing this: