This week’s forecast: Wild?

This week’s forecast: Wild?

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Get out the rain gear, tie down any loose objects in the yard and hold on – this could be a wild one. We’re just under a week away from dropping the green on the 2011 season and there are still SO many unknowns. (Well, there are a lot more knowns as of Monday morning…when it rains, it pours! – Ed) We’re predicting the possibility of wicked INDYCAR weather this week, with periods of sunny smiles and bitter tears and lots of blustery winds. There’s a:

  • 100% chance of @TonyKanaan talking with teams, with occasional rumors that he’s testing with KV at Homestead. We do know he is now in Miami after spending the off season in Brazil looking for cash. (A few hours after we posted this, we saw a post from @CurtCavin and another from @TracksideOnline that TK has signed with @KVRacing for the full season. But KV tweeted in response that it’s still just a rumor. – Ed.) (And then shortly thereafter, KV made it official – TK in their #82 car all year. – Ed. Pt II)
  • 100% chance of tweets from @paultracy3 about the winds of change blowing through his chances every few hours.
  • (@DRRacing announced today that PT is running Indy with them, and from Cavin’s story on this, PT’s trying to get the rest of the season together, although he’ll miss St. Pete. We’ve been hearing of a possible 4th car for a veteran driver at DRR for at least Indy – with their expanded shop, they will have the space for all those cars! – Ed.)

  • 75% chance of @TeamCanada1 threatening again to activate the Tracy Mafia to go all whoop-ass on someone/thing. We may be wrong, but we have a gut feeling that poor Paul will not be happy at week’s end, based on nothing other than that’s how his luck’s been trending. We’d LOVE to be wrong. (Looks like we’re on our way to being wrong here, at least partially, and we LOVE it! However, if the TK to KV sponsored by Geico thing is real, and we think it probably is, loads of PT fans are goning to be irate that KV/Geico dumped Paul. We’d best hope PT gets a good race package put together this year to take the sting out of it, or the Tracy Mafia will be agitating all season. – Ed.) (And it is TK at KV with Geico. Whew. – Ed. Pt II)
  • 75% chance of Newman/Haas and Conquest announcing drivers for their cars – @sebsaavedra is in at Conquest, and the second car could be a twistie/oval split between someone and @PippaMann. @OriolServia says he’s in at N/H, but it hasn’t been announced yet. If they run a second car, we expect @Hinchtown in that one – he’s been impressive in tests.
  • (Cavin reports that it’s just Saavedra for now at Conquest – they’re still working on their second driver(s). – Ed. )

  • 100% chance of Coyne making a driver announcement mid-week.
  • (Whoa. Early. It’s Sebastien Bourdais and @JamesJakes. Anyone know if Seabass has an official Twitter account? – Ed.)

  • Slight chance of Dragon (minus deFerran) turning up in some form (PT tied to them in rumors) (At this point, we don’t know what to think of this one. – Ed.) (Well, Gordon Kirby says PT still trying to work a deal with Jay Penske/Dragon: – Ed.Pt II

You’ve still got @DanWheldon, @Plowey, @tomasscheckter, @Alex_Lloyd, @BerBaguette, Pippa, PT (at least part time) and a host of other folks with helmets in hand, waiting for a last-minute seat fitting and a chance to run this season. And there just aren’t quite enough seats to go around. There may be some sunny breaks in the clouds when the music stops and seats are claimed – like this very Monday morning – but someone will be on the outside looking in, and this could be their song: